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The Center may be contacted daily between 9:00-15:00, using the number listed below or by mail:

The Center is located inside the buildings of “House of Grace”, located at: 10 Pal-Yam Ave, Haifa.

“House of Grace” agreed to our request to house our initiative within its walls.

“House of Grace” is a rehabilitation institution for drug-addicted prisoners, providing, in addition, social and community services to the public in Haifa. At its disposal are a compound and buildings belonging to the Catholic Church designated for the above activities.

Pal-Yam 10 BLVD Street, Haifa


If you're interested and looking for a srevice, contact us here:

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Call Us 09:00 - 15:00

Pal-Yam 10 BLVD Street, Haifa


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